AMADIS 2.0 in Git SCM
published by on Tue, 03 Mar 2009 08:33:29 -0000
<div class="markdown_content"><p>After more than one year of development, AMADIS 2.0 release is getting closer. This new version is a huge milestone for the project with tons of changes. A new language (python and django), a totally redesigned interface and also a new SCM too: Git. A development version of AMADIS can already be downloaded from our Git repos on SourceForge.</p></div>
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Migrantion of the source repository
published by on Fri, 01 Dec 2006 21:20:47 -0000
<div class="markdown_content"><p>Finaly I was able to complete the migration of the CVS repository to the new Subersion repository. This change will help in the development of the Rails version of AMADIS. The PHP version and some other stuff are still presente in the new svn repository. The cvs link on SourceForge was disabled, and any new checkout or commit will fail.</p></div>
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Paths in the development of AMADIS version 2.0
published by on Mon, 27 Nov 2006 03:10:12 -0000
<div class="markdown_content"><p>This week was the development team of AMADIS decided to make a big change in the technological structure of the system. After almost five years of development, we are droping PHP as our main language. <br /> After almost 3 months of discussion, we decided to use Ruby and Rails as language and framework. This shift in the project's development was done because of the new features we want to implement in the upcoming version of the system. Yet we are very enthusiastic with the development of the Zend Framework, there is a felling in the AMADIS core team that RubyOnRail is a tool that fits much better with our application.<br /> Yet the decision was made, there is still work being done in the PHP version of the system, and the next release of the system, version 1.4, that will be avaiable in the end of december, will be still in PHP.<br /> The work in the Rails version has just started, and we hope to have a beta of version 2.0 in march or april.</p></div>
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