The AMADIS is an environment where the user finds a place for development of learning projects, publication of his own productions and communication with his partners.It try to break the hierarchy between the teacher and the student, in the perspective that everybody have something to contribute for the virtual communities that they belongs. Thus, the learning does not occur only throught school education, but, mainly, for people cooperating in research projects.

The environment does not privilege only schools and universities.It was developed for the society in general, as it constructs a bridge between that they desire to share its knowledge with that they need to learn. This way, he environment was projected not only for presential learnings with determined time, but also for progressive learning in distance. Thus the privileged process of Digital Inclusion by AMADIS is not restricted to the computer science education, but make possible the development of meaningfull tools, that each one can make its own way to appropriate the technology to recreate their reality.
This new design that AMADIS proposes to Virtual Learning Enviroments, makes it a powerfull tool to informal learning spaces. The system has been successfully used to create a network of poor comunities in Brazil, so they can change experiences of how to use the computer as a tool to change their social reality.